May 21, 2024

TCoT San Antonio Men & Women’s Softball Teams


The men and women of the Teen Challenge of Texas-San Antonio Men’s and Women’s Campuses recently started a season of softball. Since these men and women of Christ play for God and are representatives of Teen Challenge, they have chosen to stick with the name of “Teen Challenge.”

“The impact these students have made on the community is tremendous,” said Austin Baughman,Adult San Antonio Men’s Program Coordinator. “It shows the community that these men and women DO have what it takes to be useful members of society and that they DO have what it takes to turn from their old ways like it says in II Corinthians 5:17.  They are proving to themselves that they can keep a sober mind without the influence of alcohol and drugs while still having fun and having a great time.”

Team Teen Challenge plays a season of 9 games with a season-ending tournament.  Most of the teams in the league are made of people from local churches in the San Antonio area.

Most importantly, the guys and gals of Team Teen Challenge are learning to be men and women of God.  Being part of these softball teams teaches them discipline, fellowship, sportsmanship, encouragement, healthy competitiveness and staying active.  Whether they wandered off the path of the righteous or just discovered Christianity for the first time, they are uniting together as one with one common goal—PUTTING GOD FIRST IN EVERYTHING THEY DO.  These Teen Challenge students have learned that winning isn’t all that it’s hyped up to be.  Just like life itself, we all “lose” sometimes and it’s how we rebound from those losses.  Softball is just a healthy alternative to relieving stress and frustrations without the reliance of alcohol and drugs.

TCOT student Matt Herrin said, “It’s made my time a lot more fun and gave me a chance to play a sport I grew up playing.”

TCOT student Robert Boyd plays left field and said, “Being on the field makes me feel part of a team and lets me practice good sportsmanship.”


Read below about the impact this softball experience has had on other Teen Challenge students.

Ryan Fogle plays second base. “Being a part of a team has given me a chance to learn not to rely on just myself and it’s been fun seeing the best come out of guys in pressure situations.”

Spencer Moody plays third base. “It’s helped me grow in fellowship and get to know some great guys and have fun and represent Jesus Christ.”

Brendan Quinn loves the game. “It has helped me realize that teamwork is important.”

Clint Marchelli plays center field. “It has humbled me because I used to be a trash talker.”

Daniel Blackwell plays right field. “It has taught me how to play as a team and I think it’ll help me help others to achieve their goals”.

Brandon Lozada plays center field. “It made me learn that I need to trust others.”

Mundo Flores is a pitcher. “It’s good seeing that these guys can be competitive without using drugs or alcohol.”